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    Office of Planning and Assessment

Degrees Awarded
2018 - 2019


+University Park210,8931,288632012,815
+Commonwealth Campuses4284,2513021804,999
  Great Valley0014000140
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified004015
  Dickinson Law00305659
  Penn State Law001170141258
  College of Medicine006624139229
  PA College of Technology8556950001,550

  World Campus1961,3651,7421003,313

Total Including World Campus1,48117,2043,66268433723,368
Note(s): - Prior to 2015, The Penn State Dickinson School of Law operated on a unified basis with campuses at University Park and Carlisle. In 2015, Penn State Law and Dickinson Law were accredited as separate entities.
-Includes degrees conferred for the World Campus beginning 2012-13 and reflects the degrees awarded for the year beginning in summer and including the following fall and spring.
-Beginning in Fall 2019, the Pennsylvania College of Technology enrollments exclude students in high school programs.
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