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Six-Year Graduation Rates
2013 Cohort

 CohortGrad Rate

  University Park7,99885.9
+Commonwealth Campuses7,56556.9


Five-Year Graduation Rates
2014 Cohort

 CohortGrad Rate

  University Park8,15584.4
+Commonwealth Campuses7,91556.2


Four-Year Graduation Rates
2015 Cohort

 CohortGrad Rate

  University Park7,59469.5
+Commonwealth Campuses7,64340.0

Note(s):- Rates include students who began in a baccalaureate degree and graduated with a bachelors degree.
- Cohort Population is first-time degree seeking baccalaureate freshmen.
-Penn State does not track students when they transfer to another institution. The graduation rates do not reflect students who may have continued at another school to successfully complete their degree.
-Rates do not include students who graduated from the World Campus or PA College of Technology
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