Security Request for Fact Book Plus


Fact Book is an extension of the Penn State Fact Book and provides reports that are not available to the general public. They are considered Confidential and for “Internal Penn State Use Only”.


To submit a request for access, the Area Security Representative (ASR) should fill in the form below, after obtaining approval by their Dean or Administrative Officer and pressing submit below.


There are a few reports, labeled iTwo, that require access to iTwo to view. The process to obtain iTwo access is independent of this form.


ASR Name:   

ASR Department:  

ASR Email Address:    


Name(s) and Access ID’s of individuals requesting access:


  Name Access ID



   By checking this box, the ASR is certifying that the above individuals have been approved by either their Dean or Administrative Officer to access University-wide data.



Additional information can be obtained by contacting the University Budget Office at 865-7641 or at


Use of the reports is governed by University policy, including: AD20 Computer and Network Security and AD23 Use of Institutional Data.