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    Office of Planning and Assessment

Undergraduate and Graduate/First Professional
Fall Enrollment
2019 and 2018


Fall 2019

+University Park40,6396,08446,723
+Commonwealth Campuses27,10083927,939
  Great Valley0421421
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified055
  Dickinson Law0239239
  Penn State Law0495495
  College of Medicine0918918
  PA College of Technology4,98104,981

  World Campus8,3606,32714,687

Total Including World Campus81,08015,32896,408

Fall 2018

+University Park40,3635,90746,270
+Commonwealth Campuses27,93792428,861
  Great Valley0401401
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified01111
  Dickinson Law0211211
  Penn State Law0529529
  College of Medicine0943943
  PA College of Technology5,45205,452

  World Campus8,3466,11214,458

Total Including World Campus82,09815,03897,136
(Fall 2019 - Fall 2018)

+University Park276177453
+Commonwealth Campuses(837)(85)(922)
  Great Valley02020
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified0(6)(6)
  Dickinson Law02828
  Penn State Law0(34)(34)
  College of Medicine0(25)(25)
  PA College of Technology(471)0(471)

  World Campus14215229

Total Including World Campus(1,018)290(728)
Note(s): - Prior to 2015, The Penn State Dickinson School of Law operated on a unified basis with campuses at University Park and Carlisle. In 2015, Penn State Law and Dickinson Law were accredited as separate entities.
- World Campus reflects counts of students enrolled for each calendar year starting 2006.
-Enrollments from Fall 2012 through Fall 2015 reflect the college of the student's advisor for graduate students.
-Enrollments prior to Fall 2012 and after Fall 2015 reflect the academic college of the student.
-Beginning in Fall 2019, the Pennsylvania College of Technology enrollments exclude students in high school programs.
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